What are the Job Prospects After M Tech in Wireless Communication?

The Job prospects of M Tech Wireless Communication will have good scope as growing innovations between hardware and programming; this is the sort of thing that hardware engineers have an edge in when look at the computer Science graduate. The scope for any wireless communication engineer is increasing day by day.

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida provides the platform for pursuing career M Tech wireless communication JIIT also provides an atmosphere to know the demand of developing innovations. Earlier it was in the domain of Mechanical engineering but with the advent of electric cars or hybrid cars, there is a drastic inclination towards electronics. Semi-autonomous cars, GPS systems, unmanned cars are bringing in more demand of wireless communication engineers. Recent development in the hardware and software are being increasingly integrated and interdependent with each other. Recent development in Communication techniques, the need for wireless communication engineers is ever-increasing in the telecom industry.

After M Tech in wireless communication, students will have good scope in growing product companies in India –be it design or comprehensive testing. Enumerous vocation choices and openings are open under the area of Electronic and communication like Analog and Radio Frequency Electronic Circuits: without these, there would be no cell phones, no Wi-Fi and not even Television.

In this field Engineers were initially practicing on communication and analyzing speech, audio, image, and video signals but nowadays, their working domain is much wider like extracting and analyzing data, financial time series E.T.C

Human entity is growing faster with computer and Digital platform and these digital platform are available everywhere from Kitchen to electric Gadgets like PC vision and picture handling helped PCs in investigating information from magnet to resonance imaging and other medical imaging devices not only display images but identify diseases.

Another feature of wireless communication is having a profound impact on society, bringing people globally at a same platform to interact with each other.

In wireless communication, Robotics and Intelligent Transportation automation is one of the important function to reduce human hard work at the workplace; enhance their safety in manufacturing systems.

Importance of this subject is in automobiles and aircraft; biomedical applications including automatic drug delivery i.e. insulin control for diabetics, controlled prostheses and robotic surgery, pollution reduction in automobiles and aircraft. For sensing radio and microwaves is also necessary, for example in air traffic control radar. To analyze clouds and rain is the ability of microwaves that is very useful for measuring Earth’s climate and the influence of global change.

In the domain of Wireless Communication using light to solve engineering issues, using fiber and lasers for eye surgery. A thorough study and clarity of the light with matter even helps animators create more convincing and realistic-looking movies. It is widely applicable in many fields including medicines architecture, entertainment.

Another domain is Nanotechnology and Electronic materials: In this, they develop more efficient solar cells, faster transistors to run computers, chips that can locate  any living and non-living objects, mini to micro  sensors for everything from air pollution to blood proteins and helping in  analyzing minerals on Mars.

In a sum up, one can emphasize that the abilities of Wireless Communication Engineers in planning and executing the testing process, designing of the system layouts, and delivering the final product without any flaw that enhance their market value.  The  value for engineers in the market will grow very fast by 2020. The only reason behind this positive change of mindset is the growing connection between the electronics industry and digital technology.

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