The Importance of Astrology Career Counselings in a Person’s Life

There is no doubt in saying that you can circle a racing circuit for cars with a cycle but it won’t be wrong too, to say that with a car or, more specifically, a sports car with high-end nitro boosters. Moreover, if you have the driving skills needed to win any car race, you may also beat other drivers having the same sports car (one with the nitro boosters) as yours. 

You may be wondering why you are finding the mentions about Cars (one with nitro boosters) and Cycles in a post that is dedicated to create an understanding of the metaphysical effects of Stars or heavenly bodies on the period of your life you will spend working and maintaining a happy living. 

We have used the aforementioned analogy to draw a parallel between the lives of three different persons having the same goal in life. It is true that anyone can achieve any goal he sets in his life. It does not matter whether you had the skill set (car or sports cars), required to reach your goal, at the beginning. However, it is obvious that you would take more time than the person who has the right set of resources (sports car with nitro boosters) to reach the same goal. 

It is also true that sometimes people having all the resources to succeed in a line of business (i.e. having a sports car with nitro boosters) also fail in the line of business or take time longer than others to reach the goal. Why does this happen? It is truly because of the fact that they aren’t aware of their own skills. If you have the genius of becoming a sports car engineer then you won’t become a successful sports car driver.

Need Of Career Counselling Today’s World

Albert Einstein once said,

“Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

Swimming is the fish’s strongest talent. The idea here is that each person or kid has a distinct personality, and in order to develop that personality, the individual in question requires the assistance of a mentor or counselor.

How Astrology Career Counselings Can Help You to Pinpoint Your Career?

Historians anticipate that the foundation of Vedic Astrology was laid between 5000BC and 10000BC. Since then, the scholars of Vedic Astrology have been observing and studying the influence of the positions of stars and other heavenly bodies (that are seen moving from the earth) on the lives of people. This study has led the scholars to deduce some solid conclusions about these influences. Today, astrologers, with their combined study of these effects and the nature of the influence of a graha at a particular position, are successfully predicting the future of a child the moment he/she is born. 

In Vedic astrology, there are 9 Grahas, 12 houses, and 27 nakshatras. One thing you should clearly understand is that whenever you find the mention of the word Graha in Vedic astrology, do not draw its parallel with the planets of astronomy. Vedic astrology calls those heavenly bodies Graha which it perceives as moving. Because of the very same reason it considers Sun as Graha and doesn’t mention Earth. 

Since Grahas moves, the Vedic scholars, during Astrology career counselling, take the help of the positions of Graha at the time of birth and at the present time, to deduce predictions about the path that can make a person successful in his career. 

For example, by looking at the 5th house of a natal chart, an astrologer, during an astrology career counselling, finds an outline of a child’s future. If mercury is in Capricorn in the fifth house then the first child of the parent will be an expert in communication, good at handling the things related to mind and hands coordination, extremely goal-oriented.


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