Secure Messaging in Healthcare Using Clinical Collaboration Platform VoIP Calling

Messaging Apps are Critical in Healthcare Communications

The Healthcare industry is one of the most demanding users of Secure messaging in healthcare Apps. It has simplified communications among the diverse communities involved – doctors, medical technicians, care providers and patients to the same platform. However, there is an ongoing conflict between protection of patient information and confidentiality versus securing the information from unsolicited views. Standalone secure healthcare messaging apps have failed to see large-scale use. Messaging apps in this industry have to deliver more typical messaging apps as the healthcare industry needs to aid clinical workflow.

In the following sections the solution to the above problem is found in Clinical Collaboration Platform, VoIP Calling,  secure messaging. Secure messaging  achieve role-based messaging. Community linking for delivery of the right message, to the right person, in real time!

Secure Messaging Apps fail in Healthcare Industry

The medical reports of patients (called as protected health information (PHI)) and images on messaging apps inherently runs security risks.  The movement of PHI between user devices/networks or the hospital networks may lead to loss of privacy and confidentiality. These are commonly raised concerns as “all the stakeholders” primarily want information for quick decisions to save the life of patients, rather than mandatory security protocols necessary to ensure compliance with Secure messaging in healthcare apps are not convenient in the intense, pressurized environment of medical treatment as they will not make it easy for clinical workflow. The diverse people involved in multiple roles. Always a big challenge for data to reach the right people at the right time, to arrive at decisions.

 Nurses may have a limited time span of a few minutes Secure messaging. To seek specialist decisions on the course of action  treating patients. They cannot invest those golden minutes in confirming .the secure features or the name of the doctor treating the patient, the priority is to reach the role. Secure messaging apps fail to do that, and constrain free and quick movement of data.

What is Signal? The basics of the most secure messaging app.

Caregivers Vulnerabilities Expose PHI

Quite often, caregivers are unable to identify the threat to PHI they may have access to. In their moments of vulnerability, frequently information share. With external users, who may not be in a secure digital environment.

Also, caregivers panic, and in a moment of carelessness access information the  is not secured leaving the entire network, they are using expose to cybercriminals.

Hence, in the medical care system, ensuring HIPAA-compliant communication systems is very challenging and demands all stakeholders to remain consistent and rigorous users of mandatory security policies. Where the smallest error results in exposing individuals undergoing treatment are disclosed, it leads to legal tussle and damages.

 In such complexities, a go-to solution is Clinical Collaboration Platform or CCP.

What is CCP VoIP?

Clinical Collaboration Platform or CCP is a cloud solution. That brings together all communication channels – voice, alerts, video, and secure messaging- for collaboration based on the role. The primary focus of communication is reaching the right role, at the right time, to arrive at the right decision. This exchange of information is in real-time among the right role players!

One particular solution matrix is VoIP calling. In this type of utilization, organizations can use  current VoIP network to complete internal, or where accessible external calls on the CCP.

Voice Interaction API- a Solution for Secure Messaging

Real Time Chat API | Voice & Video Calling API & SDK | Build Chat App for  Android, iOS & Web Platforms

Advanced healthcare tools such as VoIP provide high-definition voice communications.

Mobile device of the medical professional, say a nurse, integrate VoIP. Running on shared devices to amplify Wi-Fi voice communication. CCP software proficiency  replicating the layout and flow of phone systems for user adoption and efficient calls and messages on mobile devices.

All mobile alerts can be centralized for delivery to a medical professional like a nurse.

TAP, SIP, and WCTP can be integrated with physiological monitors to provide critical alerts and lower fatigue in nurses.

  • Alert Acknowledgement
  • Customization of sounds

Therefore, CCP can eliminate on-premise hardware as well as the need for multiple devices.

Why HIPAA-compliant secure Messaging Apps are a Boon

Use or exchange of protect health information between hospital staff, physicians, and nurses using a secure encrypted platform. That complies with the provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is defined as secure messaging.  It also states that non-compliance with digital health app development rules will result in continuous fines.

Secure messaging - Spok Inc.
  •  It mandates the need for covered entities .the use and disclosure of protected health information by Health Insurance as well as providers. This is essentially a privacy rule and compliance is of utmost importance.
  • Message scrutiny that contains protected information about .the health of a patient will result in high fines of over 12 million when non-compliant.
  • Every business associate has to close agreement and outline the guidelines by which HIPAA compliance is met.

Using Secure Messaging App Leads to Multiple Benefits

Lowering the Cost and Ensuring Efficiency

a)Traditional methods of Healthcare hardware such as pagers were costly and lead to additional device costs.

b)Pager-based communication was slow, poorly coordinated

c) To wait for access to the right doctor as well as exchange of information that was accurate and uncompromised were some limitations of pagers as devices of communication for the health care stakeholders.

d)Reviews of secure messaging Apps over and nearly all the difficulties challenges and limitations presented by hardware-based healthcare information exchange process as in the case of pagers

Improved Communication Between Patients  and Staff

a)Findings of the University of Pennsylvania which showed that hospital care providers when using mobile security system messages for their patients also communicated with shorter messaging, therefore lowering the time life cycle for communication of patient condition and access to care.

b)Secure messaging apps also drive better communication for physicians.   Exchange of emails as well as protected health information  using text messages. Allowed higher scrutiny of communication, precise and accurate exchange of information.

c)Communication method is streamline and compliance with HIPAA showed that there was the greater frequency for the encryption and security of any protect health information exchange.

Accountability and the Elimination for Physicians to Continuously tag

a)It is easier to identify information and accountability across the stakeholders.  This lowered the time spent by physicians in identifying or attempting to reach colleagues for appropriate responses .on the line of treatment of the desired patient using the messaging app. The responses remained quick, almost in real-time, and showing that there was better focus on the patients in the long run

Third Beneficiary of Using Secure Messaging Apps are Nurses

a)The use of a fast method to transfer and exchange critical information of patients over the messaging Apps encouraged enhanced nursing services delivery. This is essentially use in cases where the owners need a second opinion, essential in terms of the electrocardiogram.


Healthcare analysts recommend clinical collaboration as a critical function of the secure messaging platform. There is a higher adoption level for healthcare professionals and patient care. Involved because of the integrity, encryption-based transmission brings to all types of hospital-based communication. The use of VoIP is a specialized aspect of HIPAA-compliant secure messaging and will need to be encouraged .as it amplifies delivery of messages over the mobile itself, using high-quality Wi-Fi calling technology.

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