Know Which Cable Protection Cover You Really Need For Your Underground Cable

The use of graphics as a means of communication is not new. Cavemen used them. Ancient Egyptians did too. And looking at their efficacy, we, in this modern world, are using this cheap (not always) yet effective form of communication in our Cable protection covers. Cable protection covers also called sometimes warning Mats or Warning Tapes, use graphics to signal any excavators to not dig any farther since it could hurt him or the utility line that the Cable protection Cover is covering. Actually, this cover is placed over any utility line, be it electric or optic, to protect the cable from any unintentional damages that are often caused during excavations. If you’re looking for Cable protection Cover suppliers in India, then do a quick check out here

Moving onto our topic of Cable protection covers, here are a few things that we are going to discuss in this article:

#1: What are the types of Cable protection covers?

#2: Which cover should you use for your utility line? 

Without any further ado, let’s move on to our first question.

What Are The Types Of Cable Protection Covers?

There are two basic types of cable protection covers, namely

  • Detectable Cable protection covers
  • Non-detectable Cable protection covers

The minute difference in both of these tapes is the presence of a metallic line that is placed at the core of the detectable Cable protection covers to make it detectable from the ground. 

You can find both of these types of Cable protection covers in a variety of colors like yellow and green which are basically the globally recognized Color codes of Cable protection covers or warning mats to signify or alert the excavator of the presence of utility line and its type. 

Which Cable Should You Use For The Protection Of Your Utility Line?

Here are two questions you should ask yourself while picking the cable protection cover for your underground cable or utility line:

  • How deep the cable will be buried?
  • Which Cable will be buried?

If the cable is placed far below the ground i.e. at the point, from which its presence won’t be felt by any radio detectors or metal detectors directly, then in that circumstances, the use of detectable Cable protection Cover is done to make the line detectable from the ground. 

If you think that the detectors will easily detect the presence of your cable without any need for extra metallic presence made by detectable cable protection cover then you should go with a non-detectable cable protection cover. 

Now, you might be thinking of not using any cable protection cover, since any excavator can detect the presence of your cable with a metal or radio detector. You would be totally wrong if you go by this decision. Why? Since every excavator does not use a sophisticated metal or radio detector before excavating the ground. Therefore, adding an extra layer of protection with a Non-detectable Cable protection Cable would be a wise move. 

Till now, you would have found out the type of Cable protection cover you require. But what about color codes of Cable protection covers? What should be the color of the cable protection cover of your need?

There are basically two types of utility cables that are generally laid underground:

  • Electric Cable: High voltage, medium voltage, and Low Voltage
  • Telecommunication cables 

For Electric Cable, the color of your cable protection cover should be yellow on a red background. The Warning text should be in black color.  Your cable protection cover for the Electrical line should look something like this: 

Most of the Cable protection cover suppliers In India are manufacturers of cable protection cover too. If your cable protection cover supplier in India is also a manufacturer of cable protection cover, then you can also instruct your cable protection cover supplier to write the warning text as per your need. You can even mention the voltage of electricity running through the line that is buried below the cover. 

For Telecommunication Cable, the color of your protection cover should be solid Green and the warning text should be written on the cover in black color. Your Cable protection tape for telecommunication cables should look like this:

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