Demand for Medical Gases and Equipment Growing Rapidly in Europe
Demand for Medical Gases and Equipment Growing Rapidly in Europe

Demand for Medical Gases and Equipment Growing Rapidly in Europe

The prevalence of diseases across the globe has been rising rapidly. Incidence of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, especially, are on the rise due to the changing lifestyle of people and growing consumption of tobacco among people. Patients suffering from these diseases often need to go through surgical procedures for the management of diseases. A major component used during a surgical procedure is anesthesia, which is administered into patients for preoperative sedation. Therefore, the growing prevalence of diseases and rising volume of surgical procedures are leading to the increasing need for medical gases and equipment in different medical settings.

Between medical gas and medical gas equipment, the demand for medical gases has been higher in medical settings and the situation is expected to remain the same in the coming years as well. Two types of medical gases are utilized in healthcare settings, namely pure medical gas (including helium, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, and medical air medical gas) and medical gas mixture (including ethylene oxide, blood gas, helium oxygen, lung diffusion, anaerobic, nitrous oxide-oxygen, laser, and carbon dioxide-oxygen mixture). Other than this, medical gas equipment is of different types as well, namely medical gas delivery system, medical has equipment accessories, and medical oxygen concentrator.

All these gases and equipment are utilized for different applications in healthcare settings, including pharmaceutical manufacturing & research, therapeutic, and diagnostic. The major end users of medical gas and equipment are academic & research institute, hospital, pharmaceutical industry, home healthcare, and emergency service. Among all these, hospitals made the most use of these products in the past, which can be ascribed to the surging patient pool in these medical settings, growing prevalence of chronic and lifestyle-related diseases, increasing number of hospitals, and growing geriatric population.

Geographically, North America emerged as the largest medical gases and equipment market in the past, owing to the advanced healthcare infrastructure. Other than this, the demand for medical gases and equipment is also rising in the European region, which is primarily due to the rising prevalence of chronic and respiratory diseases and increasing requirement for home healthcare. In addition to this, the surging geriatric population and rising healthcare expenditure are also driving the demand for medical gases and equipment in the region.

Hence, the adoption of medical gases and equipment is growing across the globe due to the rising prevalence of diseases and increasing geriatric population.

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