Beard Hair Transplant Is It Really Worth the Price?
Beard Hair Transplant Is It Really Worth the Price?

Beard Hair Transplant Is It Really Worth the Price?

About 50 percent of men are not happy with their beard density. Most of them complain of thin and patchy facial hair, which they can fix with a beard hair transplant. That means there is a glimpse of hope for those who have struggled with this problem. 

Beard restoration is effective and allows you to have thicker hair and fill the patchiness, realizing natural permanent hair. Whatever style you desire as your identity, you can work on it with your surgeon- goatee, mustache, sideburns; you name it. 

The new hair may shed two weeks after the treatment, but it will not impact the results of the beard hair transplant. 

Beard Hair Transplant Cost

Beard restoration costs can start from $3,000 for filling facial areas up to $15,000. Factors such as the number of grafts for implantation, your doctor’s experience, and your location will dictate the actual cost of this therapy.

It’s always prudent to consult and get your cost, which the doctor will quote after examining you. Also, remember to save up, as a beard transplant is a cosmetic procedure, and insurance doesn’t cover it. However, some doctors allow installments payments which can simplify the treatment amount. You can ask your doctor about the available financing options during your consultation.

Benefits of Beard Hair Transplant

If you’re wondering if this treatment is worth it, maybe these benefits can give you that answer: 

  • FUE hair transplant for a beard is not a painful procedure. First, the doctor will numb you with local anesthesia, but the process also requires minimal invasion.  
  • According to some studies, men with facial hair appear more attractive than those without. Beards or mustaches also symbolize masculinity, strength, and confidence. 
  • Beard transplant surgery only has temporary side effects which last for a few days. 
  • The treatment provides a permanent solution for hair loss and can benefit those suffering from facial hair.
  • The procedure helps the patient to grow a beard naturally. So, you can trim or style it in any way you wish.  
  • It’s a quick procedure that takes only five hours. That means you can plan your day onwards. 

So, now you can tell if the cost of a beard hair transplant is worth it, as it gives you all the above benefits. While cheaper options of similar treatment, such as Minoxidil, are temporary. A hair transplant gives you peace of mind because it’s permanent. 

Beard Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair restoration procedures have evolved, and we have two advanced technologies that work for beard transplants. When you find a beard transplant near meyou can also enquire about their techniques. 

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)-a surgeon or experienced doctor removes individual strands in units of 1-4 hairs in a group. Usually, the donor area is from the dense hair follicle region, and the doctor places this hair into the face area to create the ideal beard. 

FUE is most preferred as it allows patients to style their hair any way they wish without worrying about scars.

FUT Beard Transplants

In follicular unit transplantation (FUT), the surgeon will extract a hair strip of follicles from an area with dense hair. FUT beard hair transplant can give better coverage to an area requiring extensive hair coverage. While this procedure can be ideal for many, it might leave a linear scar in the donor area. So, a patient must be willing to style longer hair to hide the scarring from the donor side.

Side Effects

During the hair transplant procedure, both the donor and recipient areas may experience some side effects, such as the following:

  • swelling
  • redness
  • numbness
  • tightness
  • scabs or crustiness

Who Can Be an Ideal Candidate?

You must first consult with a surgeon by finding a beard transplant near me to help you determine if you’re a good candidate. However, you can make an excellent patient if you meet the following:

  • Anyone who wants to cover burns and scars and grow a beard.
  • An FTM transgender can create and shape a natural beard.
  • Men who want to fill their thin or patchy beards.
  • Any man with a bald face who wants to add some masculinity.  
  • Potential candidates must also have realistic expectations.  

Since beard transplantation requires about 2,000 to 2,500 hair follicles, a candidate must have at least this number of hair on the rear side of the scalp. Most surgeons target this area because it’s resistant to hair loss and has thicker hair. 

In Conclusion

So, whether you wish to have a long or short scruffy beard, this is achievable regardless of your hair loss problem. All you need is to find a beard transplant near mecheck reviews, ask questions, consult, and get started if you find a suitable facility. The surgeon must have the skills to create an ideal beard pattern with precision. And one, he can deliver a natural-looking hair growth of the beard. So, a hair transplant is worth the price. 

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